Word entries

Word entry is a element of lexicon containing two information blocks. Morphological information includes the part of speech reference and the list of grammatical attributes. Lexical information is a set of grammatical word forms.

word entry

The combination of word entry name and part of speech reference is almost unique making it possible to refer the proper word entry using only these two tokens. The rare exceptions are homonyms, approximately 250 pairs among more than 100,000 entries in Russian lexicon.

The name of word entry is usually the basic form of the word, that is the nominative case singular number for nouns, infinitive for verbs and so on.

Word entry in ORM library

WordEntry class is an ORM representation of word entry data. It exposes the properties and methods to access the word entry name, part of speech reference, grammatical attributes and grammatical word forms.

Dictionary class has mathods to search for the word entries.

C-style API functions to deal with word entries

There are several API functions which search for the word entries matching different criteria.

sol_FindEntry - search for the word entry given entry name and optional part of speech and language IDs.

sol_GetEntryClass - get the part of speech ID.

sol_GetEntryCoordState - get the grammatical attribute of the word entry.

Word entries and thesaurus

Thesaurus stores the word entry relations of different kinds. For example the derivatives:

quick (adjective) - quickly (adverb) - quickness (noun) - to quicken (verb)

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