Building the user dictionary with Grammatical Dictionary SDK under Linux

Grammatical Dictionary SDK is shipped with all necessary means to extend the dictionary:

1. Dictionary compiler (.../exe/compiler)

2. Basic Russian dictionary (.../basedic-linux)

3. Sample text files with word entry definitions (.../dictionary.src/userdic-entries.sol)

4. Shell script which loads the basic dictionary, parses the word entry definition file, merges it all and stores new dictionary datafiles in .../bin-linux.

Only two steps are required to get an extended dictionary.

First, open the lexicon definition file .../dictionary.src/userdic/userdic-entries.sol as utf-8 plain text. Copy the definition of noun, verb, adjective, adverb or adverbial participle, modify it and save the file.

Second, run the user dictionary build script .../scripts/ It starts the merging of basic dictionary and new word entry definitions:

Starting the user dictionary creation

User dictionary creation has completed

If successful, the script saves the new dictionary in .../bin-linux or .../bin-linux64 folder.

Finally, you can test new dictionary using dictionary lookup utility. Run .../exe/lexicon or .../exe64/lexicon, choose [1] to enter the lexicon lookup mode, type any wordform defined in your .../dictionary.src/userdic/userdic-entries.sol and look at the results:

 Searching for new entries in grammatical dictionary

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