How to run the grammatical dictionary sample programs

Sample programs under Linux

1. Install the libraries ( and to proper directories:


2. Move to the .../demo/ai/solarix/Grammar_Engine/Lemmatizator/C, then compile the sample and run it:

 lemmatization test

This program tests the lemmatization engine by producing the lemmas for all grammatical forms and comparing them against the proper values. When finished it prints the following message in console:

 lemmatization test has been passed

3. Morphological and syntactical analysers test program is located in .../demo/ai/solarix/Grammar_Engine/LexiconLinux. Compile it and launch the test:


This program reads the sentences from .../demo/ai/solarix/Grammar_Engine/Lexicon/morph.txt, passes then through the morphological analyser and compare the results with etalons.

Sample programs under Windows

The windows version of grammatical dictionary components does not require any installation. All you need is to compile the sample programs and to run the executables.

The lemmatization sample program is located in .../demo/ai/solarix/Grammar_Engine/Lemmatizator/C. As you can see the C++ source code is the same for Linux and Windows.

Load the sample solution LemmatizatorTool.sln in MS VisualStudio, build it, then run LemmatizationTool.exe. It may be necessary to copy lemmatizator.dll from ...\lib or ...\lib64.

The folder .../demo/ai/solarix/Grammar_Engine/Lexicon contains the (almost) comprehensive test suite for grammatical dictionary API: morphological and syntactical analysis, word formation (conjugation and declension), lexicon and thesaurus lookup. Load the solution file Lexicon.sln, build it and run the executable file TestLexicon.exe.

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